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"Knowledge increases by sharing not by saving..."

Udaan is a regular event that NSS conducts to share knowledge with the students of nearby villages. It is an event which is conducted on Saturdays. Students of IITH teach them many topics with videos and ensure that the purpose is being fulfilled. Storytelling and other extra-curricular activities are also conducted to brighten them. Based on the standards, the students are divided into sub-groups, and enough volunteers are assigned to each sub-group for maximum efficiency.

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"Shower love to those who need it.."

Many children have more hunger for love than the hunger for food. It is easier to donate food than to shower love. Upon noticing that children from orphanages need a better company to play with or share their thoughts with, We, NSS IITH students, felt that orphanage visits would help them. Hence, we started this event and found students who participated expressed their contentment.

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Weed Removal drive is an event conducted by NSS IITH to control the increasing number of weeds, which inhibits the growth of other useful plants. The threat of snakes and other unfriendly creatures is increasing due to these weeds. Doing this activity is nothing less than saving ourselves.


"Make a life better with Donation"

Clothing is one of the basic survival needs. During times of natural calamities, many people lack this basic need. NSS IITH organizes this event of collecting clothes from students and donating them to the people in need. By helping one person, you cannot change the whole world, but you can change the world for that one person.

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Registration day is majorly to guide the freshers every year to complete the process of registration without any hiccups. Academic blocks are organized carefully, and enough volunteers for each and every section to seek help are provided by NSS. Students help the freshers and their parents with their doubts attentively.

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Convocation is an important event conducted every year to give a proper and cheerful send-off to the graduating students. NSS IITH organizes the event and ensures that the graduating students get satisfied and leave the campus with beautiful memories.

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CID is a compulsory course that every student of IITH should complete before graduation. Since keeping the surroundings clean is everyone's responsibility, it is made a common mandatory course. It is conducted once a semester by NSS IITH so that every student gets a chance to complete the course as well as their role.

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"Stay Fit, Stay Healthy"

Fitness has a significant influence on our health. To ensure that the students stay healthy, NSS organizes FIT India frequently. Many students, as well as faculty members, participate in this event and make it delightful.


"Be a part of the Solution... Not a part of the Pollution..."

It is known that plastic causes damage to the environment. One alone cannot achieve the target of saving the world from this issue; instead, many people with coordination can do it. So NSS IITH acts as a platform by conducting this campaign to let students hold their hands and handle this issue unitedly.

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Events such as essay writing, poster making, slogan writing, video making, and many more are conducted online by NSS on many occasions. These events are conducted quite often to improve the skills of students, and the students with best entries also get rewarded.